The following are the current notices for Lincoln Spencer Apartments residents:


Short-Term Rental Scam Alert!
Lincoln Spencer strictly prohibits short-term occupancy of its apartments. Only long term, annual sublets are allowed. Any advertisement on Craigslist, Vacation Rental By Owner (VRBO), AirBnB, or similar sites advertising short term rentals at 140 West 69th Street violates Co-op policy. Building staff will not allow access to the unit, even if you have prepaid the owner.

Please also beware of another scam involving totally fraudulent ads. Scammers steal photos of legitimate sales and sublet listings, make false statements, then try to lure persons into sending personal, financial information and deposits in response to the ad. The apartment owners often have no idea that their listing information has been stolen and that they are victims of this crime. If you suspect such a solicitation, or if you want to check the legitimacy of a listing, contact Property Manager Scott Soifer of Greenthal/MGRE at Never send information or money unless you verify the source of the ad. Any fraudulent advertisements related to Lincoln Spencer apartments will be reported to the appropriate law enforcement authorities and we encourage you to report such ads to the fraud/scam department of the website where you saw the ad.

The official Sublet Policy of Lincoln Spencer is available for review on this website under the link for Residents.



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