House Rules


Including, but not limited to, the lobby, hallways, entire basement, stairwells, recycling areas, elevators, front entrance, service entrance and fire escapes.

  1. Smoking, rollerblading or consumption of food is not allowed in any public area of the building.
  2. Sitting on lobby radiator covers, window sills or on floors is not permitted.
  3. In accordance with fire regulations, no personal property of any sort, including but not limited to umbrellas, strollers or bicycles can be stored in any public area. Any such property will be removed and discarded.
  4. In accordance with fire regulations, no doormats are permitted in the hallways and will be removed and discarded.
  5. Loitering or congregating in any public area is not permitted. Unaccompanied minor children are not permitted in public areas at any time.
  6. All pets must be registered in accordance with the Co-op’s Pet Policy. Dogs must be on leashes at all times when in public areas. Cats must be properly crated or held when in public areas. All subleases must contain a No Pets provision. Please refer to the Pet Policy for additional details.


Anyone who is not an authorized occupant of an apartment as defined by the Proprietary Lease is considered a guest.

  1. ALL guests must stop at the front desk and be announced to the occupant in the apartment they wish to enter.
  2. Guests are required to abide by the governing documents of the Co-op, including these House Rules, at all times, as applicable.


Persons seeking access to any apartment in the absence of the shareholder will only be allowed to enter if the shareholder and the unaccompanied guest have complied with the terms of the Unaccompanied Guest Policy.

  1. An Unaccompanied Guest Form must be completed and signed.
  2. Unaccompanied Guests are allowed to stay for a maximum of 2 weeks.
  3. No more than 3 such requests are allowed in any 12 month period.
  4. Copies of the Unaccompanied Guest Policy and Form are available at the Front Desk.


All residents of Lincoln Spencer are expected to maintain and preserve a dignified decorum in the building.

  1. Stereo equipment, radios, televisions, musical instruments or similar devices are not to be played in a manner which causes disturbances to other residents. Complaints regarding loud noises from any apartment must be immediately addressed by the resident of that apartment. Failure to correct the problem is a violation of the House Rules and the Proprietary Lease.
  2. Residents must cover floors with areas rugs, carpeting or other approved noise reducing materials. At least 80% of the floors must be so covered, excluding kitchens, bathrooms, closets and entrance halls.
  3. No antenna of any sort or satellite dish may be installed, attached or hung from the windows, exterior of the building or on the roof.
  4. Smoking is permitted in individual apartments that are occupied by Shareholders. All Subleases must contain a No Smoking provision. Complaints regarding excessive smoke odors from an individual apartment must be promptly addressed by the resident of the apartment. Failure to correct the problem is considered a violation of these House Rules and the Proprietary Lease.
  5. All construction/renovation projects must be approved by the Board of Directors by means of submission of an Alteration Agreement. Alteration Agreements are available from the Building Manager. Construction and/or renovation activities are NOT permitted on Saturdays, Sundays or Holidays. Hours of construction are limited to 8:30AM and 4:30 PM. All work, including clean up time, must be completed by 4:30 P.M. In addition to any requirements imposed by the Board of Directors regarding any proposed construction, it is the responsibility of the shareholder to insure that brown construction paper be placed in hallways during construction to protect the hallway carpeting, and that proper clean up is performed by contractors at the end of each day. Please refer to the Alteration Agreement for details, including notice of fees for violations by contractors.
  6. Moving in or out of apartments is strictly confined to weekdays between 8:00AM and 4:30PM. All moves must be pre-approved by the Superintendent without exception. No one is permitted to move-in to any unit on the day of a Board interview. Violations will be grounds for rejection of an application.
  7. Notices may not be posted anywhere in the building except in the laundry room on the bulletin board provided by management.
  8. Displays on apartment doors are not permitted, with the exception of holiday decorations, which are permitted for during holiday season. Management reserves the right to remove any display which presents a safety/fire hazard or is considered inappropriate.
  9. Distribution of menus and/or solicitation of residents is strictly forbidden.
  10. The laundry room is open seven days per week/ 24 hours per day. Residents are required to avoid hallway noise if using the laundry room late at night.


Applies to all employees or contractors of Lincoln Spencer.

  1. All work orders for building services must be submitted to the Superintendent.
  2. Building staff are not allowed to perform private services for any resident during that employee’s working hours.
  3. The front desk phone is strictly for staff use.
  4. The front desk staff is not authorized to connect phone calls between apartments on house phones, except in the case of an emergency.
  5. All staff members are expected to perform their duties diligently, and residents are not allowed to congregate or loiter at the front desk or to interfere with performance of an employee’s job duties.
  6. Packages may not be left at the front desk. Deliveries from outside sources will be received and placed in the package room and must be claimed promptly. Any item left in the package room more than two (2) weeks will be considered abandoned. Only authorized personnel are permitted to enter the package room.


  1. Garbage and recyclables must be properly disposed of in the refuse/recycling rooms.
  2. Recycling bins are marked to indicate which items to be discarded therein, and each bin should be used as indicated. Any unsanitary condition should be reported promptly to the building staff.
  3. No window boxes or other items are permitted on window sills, fire escapes or the roof.
  4. Access to the roof is strictly forbidden. Penthouse residents must confine access to the areas immediately contiguous to their units. No furniture may be placed on the roof and absolutely no items may be placed on the building roof parapet.
  5. Installation of air conditioners must be approved by building management and be in compliance with New York City regulations. Please contact the superintendent for approvals and instructions.
  6. Persons should not use hands or feet to attempt to block closing elevator doors.
  7. Fire Safety Doors throughout the building MUST REMAIN CLOSED at all times.

These House Rules have been adopted by the Board of Directors pursuant to the Proprietary Lease and By-Laws and are enforceable pursuant to those documents. They are applicable to all residents of Lincoln Spencer Apartments, Inc. and guests. The Board of Directors is authorized to revise these rules from time to time pursuant to the terms of the Proprietary Lease and By-Laws. A violation of the House Rules constitutes a default under the terms of the Proprietary Lease.


Revised: 2012

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