Open House Policy


In the past, it had been the practice of Lincoln Spencer Apartments, Inc. to allow open houses to be held in the building in order to accommodate realtors’ requests to show apartments to multiple persons. Unfortunately, the practice became disruptive on several levels. Visitors numbering in the hundreds descended upon the premises on weekends, causing crowding in the lobby and an overburdening of the elevators. Additional costs were incurred for increased staffing levels as well. Notwithstanding our many attempts to handle crowd control, including restrictions on the number of open houses and the procedures to be followed by visitors, the situation comprised the safety and quality of life in the building.

As a result, the Board of Directors prohibited open houses permanently in 2003. Area realtors were notified of this change in policy, which is consistent with open house bans in many co-ops throughout the city. The Board of Directors believes that this policy will enhance safety and the quality of life in the building, especially on the weekends when our residents seek some level of tranquility.

The co-op does allow persons to advertise “OPEN HOUSE BY APPOINTMENT ONLY” so that interested parties who search the web for “open house” will not miss any opportunities at Lincoln Spencer. If a shareholder advertises an “OPEN HOUSE BY APPOINTMENT ONLY” the following procedure must be followed:

  • Notify the Building Superintendent of the day(s) involved.
  • Provide a list of appointments with the doormen and superintendent.
  • Only persons who have an appointment and are announced individually will be allowed access to the apartment.



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